Inform Content Compare

Get to know Inform Content Compare: the cutting-edge, web-based proofreading solution for seamless electronic comparison of artwork files.
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Simple workflow

With Inform Content Compare, enjoy a streamlined workflow that allows for effortless uploading, comparing, and reviewing of artwork files, all within a user-friendly interface.


1. Choose files

Start by selecting the files you would like to compare.
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2. Select settings

Choose a template to configure the comparison.

3. Compare

Our software will then compare the files selected.
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4. Read barcodes

Inspect barcodes and Braille on your packaging artworks.

5. Manage results

Review the result and annotate if required.

6. Create report

The comparison report gives you all the necessary details for approval.


Inform Content Compare caters to a diverse range of areas, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and effectiveness across various industries.

Life Science

Ensure accuracy by carefully comparing the text featured on packaging designs with the officially approved content. In clinical trials, cross-reference labels with multilingual documents.

Food & Beverages

Verify the data from GS1 XML or Excel files against packaging artwork. Use different text arrangements with a broad spectrum of languages, with the possibility to read rotated or curved texts.


Verify GS1 XML or Excel file data against packaging artwork in consumer goods. Use varied text layouts for multiple languages, including reading rotated or curved text.

Medical Marketing

Conduct thorough comparisons of marketing material versions, ensuring meticulous spell checking. Additionally, utilize AI and OCR technology to verify text extracted from website screenshots.

Easy to integrate

Inform Content Compare is easy to integrate into any workflow, ensuring seamless compatibility with your existing processes.

Whether used as a standalone solution or integrated into our partners’ systems, Inform Content Compare adapts to meet your specific needs.


Inform Content Compare comes with a range of benefits, designed to meet the needs of regulated industries.

Flexible licensing

Easy to adjust the number of licenses up and down according to the company needs.

Web-based application

No additional hardware or infrastructure resources are required.


Support and maintenance is always included and up to date with the latest version.

Configurable setup

A fine-tailored configuration is conducted based on the specific requirements.


All related data is safely secured and can only be accessed by company users.


We provide a substantial product onboarding and education, ensuring all needs are met.


At InformaIT, we ensure both the privacy and security of our customers and emphasize transparency when it comes to new software releases.
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GAMP Good Practice Guide Enabling Innovation and GAMP 5 Second Edition aims to ensure best practices regarding current strategies and industry standards. The guides cover agile development strategies, critical thinking, and the effective use of software tools – all essential best practices for InformaIT as a provider. It highlights that innovation is crucial in delivering value to society, managing costs, reducing time to market, and ultimately, enhancing and saving lives. InformaIT follows the guidelines applicable to being a supplier for regulatory businesses.

21 CFR Part 11

At InformaIT, we comply with FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 regulations, ensuring our proofreading software meets stringent electronic records and signature standards. The software is rigorously validated to guarantee reliability, integrity, and security, supporting audit trails, secure access, and electronic signatures. This adherence safeguards data integrity and confidentiality and streamlines regulatory processes.

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At InformaIT, a Release Qualification is performed when a new version of Inform Content Compare is released. Using a risk-based approach, the Release Qualification means that the standard software's functionality is already validated when implemented by the customer. The documentation of the Release Qualification is available for our customers in a validation package, including a test plan, risk assessment, test report, and the executed test cases.