Support for OCR is finally coming!

With the release of CC 4.2 planned this February 2021, a new option is available: OCR!

Optical Character Recognition has been around for a long time, but the available technology hasn’t really been good enough to use for QC.

With the introduction of the OCR module in Content compare version 4.2, this changes. The first release with OCR has been checked for English only, but the engine under the hood has support for virtually any language of the world, so more will come.

Imagine you have had a redesign made to an old packaging item, and the only file you have available is an outlined PDF? Now you can compare the text in this to a “live text” PDF, even if the layout is different!

OCR is still a bit sensitive to “noise” so the preferred workflow will always be Live text, but with the introduction of OCR, we can now cover use cases that simply were not doable before.

We look forward to rolling this out to our customers. And remember, this is not a payable extra, this is included in your SaaS / SMC subscriptions as usual.