We make proofreading foolproof.

Making proofreading foolproof

Inform Content Compare is the automated proofreading product suite for professional electronic comparison of artwork files. Designed for professionals, it operates flawlessly on any operating system and is fully GMP-validated, ensuring the highest standards of accuracy and compliance.
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Text & Graphic Compare

Text & Graphic Compare guarantees 100% deviation detection for PDFs with live text, allowing you to customize comparison settings. The Graphic Compare feature uses advanced image analysis to detect even the smallest differences in text and images on a pixel-by-pixel basis.

Braille & Barcode Reading

The Braille & Barcode Reading module ensures accurate inspection by comparing scanned Braille and barcode samples with their digital counterparts. That is accuracy made easy!

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Hard Copy

The Hard Copy Compare module simplifies inspecting printed samples by comparing scanned physical prints with their digital proof files.

Integrated partners

Our suite of connected partners links InformaIT with other essential tools in your workflow – creating a seamless ecosystem.

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At InformaIT, we ensure both the privacy and security of our customers and emphasize transparency when it comes to new software releases.

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GAMP Good Practice Guide Enabling Innovation and GAMP 5 Second Edition aims to ensure best practices regarding current strategies and industry standards. The guides cover agile development strategies, critical thinking, and the effective use of software tools – all essential best practices for InformaIT as a provider. It highlights that innovation is crucial in delivering value to society, managing costs, reducing time to market, and ultimately, enhancing and saving lives. InformaIT follows the guidelines applicable to being a supplier for regulatory businesses.

21 CFR Part 11

At InformaIT, we comply with FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 regulations, ensuring our proofreading software meets stringent electronic records and signature standards. The software is rigorously validated to guarantee reliability, integrity, and security, supporting audit trails, secure access, and electronic signatures. This adherence safeguards data integrity and confidentiality and streamlines regulatory processes.

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At InformaIT, a Release Qualification is performed when a new version of Inform Content Compare is released. Using a risk-based approach, the Release Qualification means that the standard software's functionality is already validated when implemented by the customer. The documentation of the Release Qualification is available for our customers in a validation package, including a test plan, risk assessment, test report, and the executed test cases.


Inform Content Compare supports over 15 file formats, 21 barcode types, and 30 Braille dictionaries and is available in 10 languages, ensuring comprehensive and versatile functionality for all your needs.


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